Developing the Self Developing the World

As a founding principle of esoteric inner work, all the Inner Work Path inner development and meditation course, lecture and publication funds have been utilised to support the growth and accessibility of this work in Australia and several other countries.  Now we're happy to share that another step in the direction of supporting others has been established through creating a social enterprise  called 'Developing the Self  Developing the World'. This organisation has been established by those who have been working with Inner Work Path for several years, seeking to work with the spiritual pictures brought through meditation, inner development and professional development courses in a way that brings them into relationship with everyday practical life.

The aim of Developing the Self, Developing the World is to create avenues for individuals to come together in a way that supports healthy physical, soul and spiritual evolution. The organisation strives to overcome the making of distinctions in human beings according to outer characteristics of social standing, race and sex, and to put aside the stereotyping of gender, religion and culture.

It is established as a not-for-profit organisation for the benefit of world development. Surplus income is directed to the Y Project which aims to bridge young people into healthy community life.

Developing the Self is a volunteer organisation that accepts donations and bequeaths.

The first two initiatives of Developing the Self Developing the World are:

Y Project

An initiative that supports the bridging of young people into healthy community life.

Practitioners and community members working out of anthroposophy have come together to contribute towards the creation of a supportive program for each individual.  The program offers support needed by the young person in various aspects of their life. Amongst the range of support offered are life skills, vocational and study support, rhythmic massage, anthroposophic remedies and treatments, eurythmy and mentoring conversations.

The Y Project is a gifted service to any young person 16 years or older, who wants to engage in their development and/or their place in their community.

The individual programs will be determined by the young person, in conversation with Lisa Romero and/or Ronan O’Connor. For more information go to

Conscious Parenting Workshops

Various activities will be offered to parents and caregivers, based on the pictures given by Rudolf Steiner towards child development, health and education. Through lectures courses and study groups the rich wisdom of anthroposophy is complemented with practical support and its application in everyday life.  To be kept informed of what's on send an email to and ask to be added to the mailing list.

For information and enquiries  please email or see