January 1 – 4
Sexuality and Consciousness
Christian Community Young Adult Winter Conference
Spring Valley, NY

January 8 – 10
The Inner Path and Anthroposophy (Foundation)

January 15-17
The Inner Path and Anthroposophy (A Continuation)

May 14 – 16
The Inner Path and Anthroposophy Foundation (1)

May 22 – 23
Sexuality and Consciousness Conference
For ages 16-25
Christian Community in Spring Valley, NY   USA

May 26 7:30pm
Lecture – Sexuality and Consciousness and its Development Through Life
Especially for young audiences
The Music Room at Hawthorne Valley School USA

May 27  7:30pm
Lecture – Karma
Fountain Hall at Camphill Copake USA

May 29 – 31
The Inner Path and Anthroposophy Foundation (2)

June 5
The Inner Path and Anthroposophy Foundation (3)


August 13 – 17
Foundation Retreat
Byron Bay NSW Australia
Rudolf Steiner gave many exercises and meditations to strengthen the soul through its journey of developing consciousness. Together we will explore the inner path, the birth of the higher self, the spiritual year, and how exercises can bring us closer to our own experience of these processes. Through this balanced course of understanding why and how the exercises work, experiencing artistic/ therapeutic support, and daily practice we will be immersed in the inner work of anthroposophy. This will enable us to further and hold our daily practices. Both those wishing to establish a meditative life and long term meditants have found this work invaluable in deepening their own relationship to the path.