“It should be emphasised that the complete fulfilment of any one of these conditions is not insisted upon, but only the corresponding effort. No one can wholly fulfill them, but everyone can start on the path toward them. It is the effort of will that matters, and the ready disposition to enter upon this path.”

Rudolf Steiner – Knowledge of The Higher Worlds (Chapter V)

The Conditions of Esoteric Training

The first condition is that the student should pay heed to the advancement of bodily and spiritual health.

The second condition is that the student should feel himself coordinated as a link in the whole of life.

The third condition is that the student must work his way upward to the realisation that his thoughts and feelings are as important to the world as his actions. It must be realised that it is equally injurious to hate a fellow being as to strike him.

The fourth condition is to acquire the conviction that the real being of man does not lie in his exterior but in his interior.

The fifth condition is steadfastness in carrying out a resolution.

The sixth condition is the development of a feeling of thankfulness for everything with which man is favoured.

All these conditions must be united in a seventh: to regard life unceasingly in the manner demanded by these conditions.