Lecture Outlines

The below list is a guide to the types of lecture themes that may suit the needs of your community.
Like all courses and lectures, the detail unfolds through interaction with the community and those present for the lecture.

The Art of Educating

In community life we learn consciously and unconsciously from each other. Rudolf Steiner stated that to be an educator in the Consciousness-soul Age we need to be able to elicit the individuality from the other. This professional development talk on The Art of The Educator will include the relationship between the educator’s task of working with the individuality whilst working in groups and communities. From an esoteric perspective that gives rise to an exoteric practice, we can find what is needed for healthy educational forms.


Developing the Self; Meditations and Exercises for Our Inner Growth
What leads our lives? Is it our desires, our intellect – or the most aware part of us? Each of us already has certain capacities but we need to develop them in order to be able to make use of them. Developing ourselves affects not only our own lives and the decisions we make but also effects the lives of others around us. This talk will include several exercises and meditations that will help cultivate and understand the fruits of the inner work.

Through understanding the inner path we can gain insight into our individual relationship to the various steps that are asked of us and recognise how to utilise the inner exercises that both develop and support our onward journey. By seeing the path that all must take we can objectively evaluate our next step and learn how to work healthily from each stage.

This lecture is likely to be of interest to those who wish to begin an inner practice and those that have taken one or many steps on this transforming path.

Earth ripe? Becoming an Adolescent
Uncover what we can do from early childhood to the teenage years to lessen the struggle of adolescents.Some things are inevitable and must be met, as we become “earth ripe”, as Steiner called it. Understanding adolescents is useful in understanding the human struggle of why life for some, can be so difficult to live.

The Foundations of Health and Well being
When understanding and supporting the child’s body and soul development in today’s world filled with great changes and advancements, it is important to recognise what effects this has on their developmental processes. Our medical model is based on determining when an individual is sick rather than what makes them well. We do not need to wait years for studies to prove what may be detrimental to our children’s health, we can perceive what promotes health and wellbeing through the insights given out of Steiner education and Anthroposophical medicine. This talk will speak about some of the main issues confronting child health and wellbeing in our times and how we can counter the unbalancing effects.

The Inner Work; Foundations of Mediation in the Light of Anthroposophy
This lecture is an excellent introduction to meditative courses. It outlines the meditative form and the realms of consciousness that are being prepared for by engaging with the inner exercises.

The Inner Work path, Meditation and Crossing the Threshold
The inner work leads to crossing the threshold. Certain stages and preparations are an essential for a healthy relationship with the spiritual world. This is essential if we wish to clearly see the path of evolution and connect with the spirits of progression that support humanity.

Understanding the Initiation of the “I”
Even before we are called onto the path of initiation we can prepare ourselves by understanding the way and the truth of the unfolding schooling we shall take. Inner exercises and meditations lead us towards transformation of the soul’s capacities into organs of spiritual perception and a living relationship with the spiritual world.

Gender and Sexuality in Adolescents
How and when we work with adolescents to bring the understanding of sexuality and gender in relation to where they are in their consciousness. Practical support at different stages of their development will be discussed and how to work in the health education of all stages of their changing relationship to these topics. This talk will cover some of the main issues confronting child health and wellbeing in current times, and how we can counter the unbalancing effects.

The Developing Child’s Body and Soul Relationship
An introduction into the esoteric understanding of child development. We explore what is needed to support a child’s growth at various stages of their school life. This brings harmony between the evolving body and soul which sets the ground for healthy adult experience. The lecture also addresses gender differences and similarities that can both limit or free us.

Waldorf Education and the Inner Life of Parents and Teachers

Meditation and Inner Development; The Changing Needs of Our Times

Strengthening the Inner Path

The Developing Child’s Body & Soul Relationship

Meditation and Transformation

Relationships in Our Times

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