Lisa is interviewed on AEWCH by Conner Habib  to discuss realms of consciousness

January 2023

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The Gifts of the New Mysteries

A series of four live gatherings held in the month leading up to Christmas. The recordings may be purchased and accessed until mid-March 2023.

An Inner Work Path event sponsored by EduCareDo

The path of the old mysteries is represented in the three gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Gold to seek God, frankincense to develop virtue and myrrh to awaken to the eternal being. In this course we will see how the new mysteries bring these gifts of the path in a new way.

Whilst festivals are connected to the seasons and in this way have everything to do with outer life and community life, in the esoteric schooling we are engaged primarily with following the festivals as they connect to our inner life and the soul and spiritual development path.

Growing in our understanding through the awareness of the esoteric Christ helps us understand the complete meaning of the spiritual year in our present day initiation. As we approach the newness of the birth pictures we open a door for the coming year and at the same time bring a close to the year that’s been.

$60 AUD (~$40USD)

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