Working month to month with the six fundamental exercises brought by Steiner to build the capacities needed to gain a foothold in the governance of our own inner realm. The exercises develop equilibrium into the etheric body that can both protect and help renew it. 

An appropriate path of schooling will refer to certain qualities to be acquired by those who wish, through practice, to seek their way into higher worlds. Such qualities are, above all: the soul’s mastery of its thoughts, of its will and its feelings.

Rudolf Steiner

6:30pm – 7:45pm

April 21; May 19; June 16; July 21;  August 18; September 15; October 20 
To enquire for this study group you may phone Marilyn 0455 111 404

Description:7am SYD/ 5pm NY /1pm LA /10pm UK7am SYD/ 5pm NY /1pm LA /10pm UK


Meeting 1

Sydney May 1   7am
New York April 30   5pm
Los Angeles April 30   2pm
United Kingdom April 30   10pm

Meeting 2

Sydney May 29 7am
New York May 28 5pm
Los Angeles May 28 2pm
United Kingdom May 28 10pm

Meeting 3

Sydney July 3 7am
New York July 2 5pm
Los Angeles July 2 2pm
United Kingdom July 2 10pm

Meeting 4

Sydney July 31 7am
New York July 30 5pm
Los Angeles July 30 2pm
United Kingdom July 30 10pm

Meeting 5

Sydney August 28 7am
New York August 27 5pm
Los Angeles August 27 2pm
United Kingdom August 27 10pm

Meeting 6

Sydney October 2 8am
New York October 1 5pm
Los Angeles October 1 2pm
United Kingdom October 1 10pm

Meeting 7

Sydney  October 30 8am
New York October 29 5pm
Los Angeles  October 29 2pm
United Kingdom October 29 10pm

Description:7am SYD/ 5pm NY /1pm LA /10pm UK7am SYD/ 5pm NY /1pm LA /10pm UK