year-long course

Inner Development for World Development

This experiential course is written by Lisa Romero for EduCareDo and launched in 2020. It brings ways of working with inner development, along with various indications towards engaging with certain exercises and meditations. Participants can begin any time and work at their own pace through each lesson which is delivered every month. The content unfolds towards understanding the inner development path and how to utilise various methods of self-assessment to gauge for oneself what we individually need for our next step. The practical exercises suggested each month allow direct experience as well as the opportunity to reflect on how the content resounds. This helps to deepen individual insights into the inner schooling and to orientate towards putting time, energy, and attention in the most fruitful direction.

We can do nothing more helpful for the world's further evolution than to evolve ourselves. This is something that, in fact, we must do. And we have no doubt whatsoever that we must, the moment we perceive the truth about our own nature, and its relationship with the wider world.

Rudolf Steiner - Soul Exercises: Word and Symbol Meditations. SteinerBooks, 2014

Introduction to Lesson 1

“A warm hello and welcome to this year long course on inner development in the light of anthroposophy. Many years ago I asked Erwin Berney (the founder and primary writer of the first EduCareDo course outlining the foundations of anthroposophy) if we could begin developing a course on inner development. He replied yes, but that this was a future project for EduCareDo. I began working with Erwin on the foundation course offering integrative workshops, and at the same time I began working towards the inner development course.

Over the last 25 years, this has been my primary area of research and teaching. Although I have written six books on meditation, inner development, and how our inner life affects our outer life, I wanted to make this new contribution in the form of an EduCareDo speciality course and I wanted to use this form so that there is an opportunity for ongoing dialogue throughout the process of working with the course content. Unlike the book format, EduCarDo distance-learning courses allow for a different type of engagement. In this course I want to walk with the participants through their journey with inner development, and through this new modality, keep growing and developing the different ways to express and cultivate the path towards the growth and freedom of the individual and of humanity as a whole.

This is an experiential course, outlining the various ways of working with inner development, along with various indications towards engaging with certain exercises and meditations over the 12 months of the course. Every month you will receive a new lesson including content towards understanding the inner development path and how to utilise the various methods of self-assessment to gauge for yourself where you are in this work and what you may need. There will be practical exercises suggested each month, so you can have direct experience as well as the opportunity to reflect on how the content resounds for you. This will help to deepen your individual insight into the inner schooling with which it would be most useful for you to engage. It will help you to orientate towards putting the time, energy, and attention you have in the best direction. I suggest you read each lesson through and then work through it. After working through it, and engaging with the exercises and contemplations that you choose to give your time, energy and attention to, the content can then be furthered individually through your questions and experiences via your diary sheets.

The diary sheets will be the main mode of communication between us, should you like to share them and engage with me in this way. They can be sent in as you see best, but for those wanting a monthly dialogue I suggest you try to complete the diary sheets on week three or four of working with each lesson and send them to me so that you receive a response towards the beginning of your next month’s lesson. Of course this is in your hands and you may wish to wait until there are certain thoughts, experiences, or questions arising, before you send in your diary sheets. You may also rather not send in any at all. The options are open to meet your own preferred way of learning and I will work to respond accordingly.

Year-long Course

Renewing Festivals

A world development course written and tutored by Lisa Romero with supplementary readings on Christiology, written by Douglas Sloan

To be launched in 2022 by EduCareDo.

In the not so distant past, life and living was intimately bound with the growth and evolution of the human being and its relationship to the earthly world and the spiritual world. This in many ways was and is commemorated, celebrated, and initiated in the various festivals where the earthly life, the human life, and the spiritual life are unified and express the intimate journey between them all. The festivals brought in past, present, and future expressions of this dynamic relationship of the world’s beings, the human beings, and the spiritual beings.