Introduction to Lisa Romero and The Work

Lisa speaks with Matt Burns on how she came to anthroposophy and how the work lives in the world with her colleagues at Inner Work Path, Developing the Self Developing the World and EduCareDo. It includes an introduction to each of the books. This interview was recorded for the 2018 Bio-dynamic conference of North America.

lilipoh issue #99 spring 2020

Reflections on the Current World Crisis - Inner Development for World Development

Sarah Hearn interviews Lisa Romero during the time of the initial COVID-19 outbreak across the world.

webinar may 2020

Inner Work, Outer Strength

“We could look at the world around us and recognise that we need a leap to change the trajectory humanity is on, but will we take a leap? This depends on each individual. Individually we make up the collective consciousness (that is shaping the trajectory), yet we have to individually do what we need to do. If you can leap, leap. If everyone of us do this we change the collective narrative. Let us try to grow a little more in this time. “

Lisa speaks about different aspects of inner development: self development, a meditative life and our spiritual life. This is given within the context of the COVID-19 lockdown and building resilience in children. Another thread of the conversation is on “opening the envelope” to break the cycle of systemic racism.

Lisa is interviewed and recorded by Priya Mahtani from the School of Sophia.

podcast december 2019

Anthroposophy in Modern Life

Daniel Mackenzie engages Lisa in questions about contemporary spirituality, meditation, sex, gender, love and the pitfalls of using drugs in pursuit of spiritual growth. A compelling peek into Anthroposophy for those who are new to the term and some expansive views for those who are familiar.

webinar march 2019

Working Holistically with Gender and Sexuality

A healthy relationship to gender and sexuality supports our wellbeing, both as individuals and as a community. The form that this education gives can bring to children and adolescents not only tools to combat the inner disturbances and imbalances created by social media and exposure to pornography – as the most prevalent sources of implicit sex-education in our time – but it also needs to serve them in cultivating useful capacities with which to meet the growing societal changes around this fundamental aspect of being human.

Providing a healthy and socially constructive sex education is the responsibility not only of the primary caregivers, parents, and teachers, but also of the individuals in the wider community, who likewise contribute to the collective consciousness. Working to overcome our own biases and imbalances will prepare us to more readily awaken to the spiritual wisdom that can bring health and harmony into the evolving expression of gender and sexuality.

Recorded by the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) and Anthroposophic Society of America (ASA)

Or listen to the audio of the webinar that is below.

webinar february 2019

Connecting with the Dead

We will grow in our understanding of how inner development supports and deepens our connection with those who have crossed the threshold – both those with whom we want to relate and those who wish to relate to us.

Recorded by the Anthroposophic Society in America as part of the Sacred Gateway Webinar Series “Death and Meaning”

Photo credit Mary Stewart Adams

3 part webinar aug/sep 2018

Strengthening Foundations of Inner Work and Meditation

Together we will explore the inner work, the birth of the higher self, the spiritual year and how the exercises can bring us closer to our own experience of these processes.  Deepening our understanding and experience will enable us to both hold and further our daily practices as well as support our ability to consciously evolve ourselves. This webinar series describes how and why various meditations and exercises work to strengthen not only our relationship to the inner world but also to strengthen our capacities to engage more fully with the outer world

Recorded by the Anthroposophic Society in America

podcast august 2018

The Anthroposopher

Laura Scappaticci interviews Lisa Romero to explore the necessity of inner work. Recorded by the Anthroposopher, The Anthroposophic Society of America (ASA)

podcast october 2018

Viroqua USA

Lisa Romero interviewed on the Heart of Wellness Show – Driftless Community Radio, Viroqua USA October 2018.

biodynamics north america newsletter #32 spring/ summer  2017

Cannabis Consciousness and Inner Development

Anthony Mecca interviews Lisa Romero carrying the question of how cannabis affects the soul-spiritual aspects of the human being.

lilipoh issue #88 summer 2017

Inner Revolution

Sarah Hearn interviews Lisa Romero carrying questions of politics and the individual responsibility for transformation and contribution to human evolution.

podcast 2015


Podcast with Empowering Motherhood radio Australia – 2015