As a founding principle of esoteric inner work,  all Inner Work Path inner development and meditation course, lecture and publication funds are utilised to support the development of human consciousness.

From Inner Work Path has emerged Developing the Self Developing the World, enabling the possibility to support young people through social programs and individual support.

Developing the Self Developing the World was founded in 2016 by the team who have been committed to Inner Work Path for over a decade. It came about to collegially strive for healthy community life in the light of anthroposophy.

The teams professional expertise is brought to the programs it delivers to schools and communities across Australia and the US.  These include Health and Wellbeing Programs on healthy relationships with self and others, substance use, healing the impacts of technology on the senses, an Arts Program including speech, drama, painting and Eurythmy and the Y Project which is the beneficiary of funds raised. The Y Project provides opportunities for young adults from 16 years old to be a part of events and mentoring that can assist them at their stage of life.

Behind everything the team do, is the striving to overcome the making of distinctions in human beings according to outer characteristics of social standing, race and sex, and to put aside the stereotyping of gender, religion and culture. 

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