Turning Points

with Lisa Romero

As the world is going through significant turning points we can help greatly by taking the necessary turning points in our own lives.
Individual meetings are being offered to those striving to meet their next step through being engaged with their inner development.

These turning point meetings are offered at The Lodge in Ireland and long distance over zoom or phone. They bring an orientation towards understanding and meeting the next step or arriving at a breakthrough on your individual path.
The three-step orientation begins with a conversation where you bring what you are working with, and what you are wanting to develop or transform in your inner life. Through questions and exercises you are guided to deepen your inner reflection and self-assessment.
The second step is engaging with inner development exercises together to observe in which ways the inner capacities are active.  The third step is building an understanding of the spiritual certainty that is already working through your life. 
Through the initial conversation and work with these exercises we will gather a picture of the next steps being asked on your path. Distinguishing between the diversions or hindrances and the true way being called up in your inner life will affirm the supportive inner development exercises and insights that will help you move forward with clarity and orientation.

Long distance

The long distance meeting is a three hour session over zoom or by phone. With breaks you may need more time.

The contribution for this orientation meeting is $540.


This is held at The Lodge on the Beara Peninsula in County Cork Ireland. The in-person meeting is a four-hour session but allow the day so that it can unfold as necessary. It will include meals and refreshments.

The contribution for this orientation meeting is €720. 

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We meet together in the acknowledgement of the Conditions of Esoteric Training.

The Conditions of Esoteric Training

It should be emphasised that the complete fulfilment of any one of these conditions is not insisted upon, but only the corresponding effort. No one can wholly fulfill them, but everyone can start on the path toward them. It is the effort of will that matters, and the ready disposition to enter upon this path

The first condition is that the student should pay heed to the advancement of bodily and spiritual health.

The second condition is that the student should feel themself coordinated as a link in the whole of life.

The third condition is that the student must work their way upward to the realisation that their thoughts and feelings are as important to the world as actions. It must be realised that it is equally injurious to hate a fellow being as to strike them.

The fourth condition is to acquire the conviction that the real being of man does not lie in their exterior but in their interior.

The fifth condition is steadfastness in carrying out a resolution.

The sixth condition is the development of a feeling of thankfulness for everything with which the human being is favoured.

All these conditions must be united in a seventh: to regard life unceasingly in the manner demanded by these conditions.

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