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Navigating Realms of Consciousness; Insights and Practices from Western Esotericism

15 January, 2023 - 29 January, 2023

Three gatherings during January

We live in a time when many people are striving to develop inner faculties and have spiritual experiences because they recognise the necessity of spiritual development. An inner knowing that there is a spiritual world leads many towards seeking experiences of it. On the way to the spiritual world we cross through the astral world and what we experience in this realm depends on our preparation. Conscious inner development prepares and protects the soul’s wellbeing from disturbances that can occur from experiencing these states of consciousness unprepared.

In its collective evolution, humanity is presently crossing through the astral world, an experience during which many changes as well as struggles will continue. Each of us must grow beyond the astral realm if we are to experience full spiritual maturity. It is important to understand and find orientation to where we ourselves, others and the collective are on this layered journey.

This three-part series will explore the landscape of the astral regions and how to prepare the soul to navigate and meet what is behind the veil of everyday consciousness. It may be of interest to those wanting to understand both their own and others’ experiences. It is designed to support seekers of spiritual experience who may or may not be familiar with anthroposophy.

Each of the three sessions includes a presentation plus the opportunity for questions from participants.

$60 AUD (~40USD) for the series. Registration and recordings will be available until Easter.

Course dates and time by regions

"Through taking hold of all that lives in us we participate consciously in the transformation of our particular personal self that is often closed to higher insights, towards a greater possibility of experiencing a living, dynamic spiritual life that awakens our being and serves the progression of the world we live in."

Cover art by Ella Lapointe


15 January, 2023
29 January, 2023
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