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Wellbeing Curriculum with Students

12 October, 2017

Part of the Whole School Program with Developing the Self Developing the World

Working With Students in Class 5 & 6

Class sessions

Student education starts the year the child turns 11 years old, an age when the growth in the child’s body and soul develops towards puberty and┬ábecomes┬áready to receive more conscious pictures around gender and sexuality.

The themes for 11- 13 year olds are:

  • Developing who you are as an individual being and understanding our human evolving
  • Understanding our inner life
  • Understanding our social conditioning and interactions
  • Understanding the health and hygiene of the body
  • Discussing the physical and emotional changes of puberty



12 October, 2017


Kamaroi Rudolf Steiner School
220 Forest Way
Belrose, NSW Australia
(02) 9450 1651
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