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How do the Christmas Mysteries help us to birth the new?

Anthroposophy (wisdom of the human being or being human) offers an initiation path to everyone regardless of gender, race or social standing. It is a schooling that we choose today, but it is also a schooling that leads into the future because the future initiations are moving towards being inclusive to all people who seek it. Sophia is a wisdom that is whole and not a “masculine or feminine” wisdom. Rather, it is a wholeness that develops and heals the soul, helping to make whole our life and the life around us.

In our preparation for the Christmas mysteries we will deepen how with the help of Sophia we can birth the new into our lives and the life of the world. We will also explore working with the holy nights towards supporting the year ahead. As the material world rapidly brings into being more and more ways of mechanising our lives,  increasingly drawing humanity away from the spirit, we can helpfully participate in bringing the beacon of divine spiritual light into the life sphere. No matter how dark it gets, the beacon of light needs to be present so that all may have awareness that there is a choice, there is hope!

Starting the first weekend in December and running for 4 weeks, this preparation is open for anyone to join so that together we may help tend and cultivate the light and love in the world. 

Sydney 8am December 3, 10, 17, 24 (AEDT)
New York 4pm December 2,9,16,23 (EST)
LA 1pm December 2,9,16,23 (PST)
London 9pm December 2,9,16,23 (GMT)

$60 AUD total for the 3 sessions. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require financial assistance to participate at innerworkpath@gmail.com

One registration $60 AUD (~40USD)
One registration + help us sponsor others $90 AUD (~60USD)
One discounted registration $30 AUD (~20USD)

Questions? Email: innerworkpath@gmail.com or study@educaredo.org


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