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Spirit-led Community; Healing the Impact of Technology  by Lisa Romero has been translated into Mandarin by Threefold Living Studio

回應科技時代的挑戰 ——以靈性帶領社群進入未來 Responding to the Challenges in the Age of Technology; Spirit-led Community – Moving into the Future

To launch the book,  Threefold Living Studio is hosting a course with Lisa in May and June.

There will be 6 sessions each held from 7 – 9pm Taiwan time Check the time in your region using this calculator

May 9 – a live recorded session with Lisa Romero translated into Mandarin

May 23 & 30 – live non-recorded sessions for participants to converse in Mandarin (Lisa is not part of these discussions)

June 20 & 27, July 4 – three live recorded sessions with Lisa Romero translated into Mandarin

Community or society consists of individuals; each person is an indispensable part of it. Individual’s thoughts, feelings and consciousness affects the quality of the group’s work. Inter-personal relationship and interactions shapes the appearance and atmosphere of the community. Who leads the community? — a single leader? a core group (centered power)? or other forces?

How to formulate the directions of a certain community? In the age of materialism and individualism, everyone stands on their  own footholds to form their respective worldviews which get increasingly firm and unmovable, while the specialization (professional divison) getting increasingly detailed and divided. What can connect among the individualized views? What can transcend personal differences and uniqueness?

From individual’s point of view, why do I join a certain community? What does my relationship with the community mean to my life? How can I development myself so that I become like a healthily enlivened cell to support the community become stronger and more resillent? In what ways do the technology impact personal and community development?

This event is hosted and translated by Threefold Living Studio

Spirit-led Communityhttps://www.innerworkpath.com/ by Lisa Romero


For all above 6 sessions, the procedure of the event is:

18:50 open ZOOM meeting room

19:00 event START
19:20 FINAL check-in

21:00 CLOSURE of the event

This course will be on Zoom and we provide non-simultaneous Mandarin interpretation.

兩次石頭湯活動不提供錄影回放,另四次Lisa老師課程提供錄影回看, 期限是課後兩個月內

For the participatory study and sharing sessions, we won’t do recording. For 4-session Lisa’s lectures, we’ll provide recording videos to be watched within 2 months after the couse finished.

Total fee for the whole series is TWD3,000. Limitation of participants: 100 people.
Participants outside of Taiwan can pay through Paypal at: https://www.paypal.me/sungloria
And please email to threefoldlivingstudio@gmail.com after you process Paypal.

A booklet of course material in Mandarin and English PDF file is provided with the course
*繳款帳號:(Bank information)
***請備註報名者姓名, 方便對帳***
台北富邦銀行 012
82110-00008-9728 三元生活實踐社注意事項:(Notice if you pay through bank transfer)
1. 轉帳或匯款請「務必」備註報名者姓名二到四個字。
2. ATM轉帳者請在報名表單中留下後五碼以利對帳。
3. 本課程透過email與學員聯繫,繳費後若遲未收到確認,請與本社聯絡洽詢。請尊重智慧財產權,  不分享或轉傳課程錄影回放連結。

Please kindly be reminded that you should NOT share the course recording to non-participants.


This event is conducted by Threefold Living Studio, please make all enquires to them directly:
Tel 電話:03-9590969(請於周三至五10:30-16:30 營業時間內撥打)
Email 信件:threefoldlivingstudio@gmail.com
FB page訊息:https://www.facebook.com/threefoldlivingstudio/


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