Inner Work Path offers ways of engaging with the esoteric studies of anthroposophy as outlined by Rudolf Steiner. At the foundation of this schooling, which enlivens both ancient and modern practices, is the understanding of the evolution of consciousness.  Focus is placed on strengthening the human soul to fulfil the task of freedom and love to its highest degree.

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About Lisa Romero and the Work

Lisa speaks with Matt Burns on how she came to anthroposophy and how the work lives in the world with her colleagues at Inner Work Path, Developing the Self Developing the World and EduCareDo. It includes an introduction to each of the books. This interview was recorded for the 2018 Bio-dynamic conference of North America.

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Inner Work, Outer Strength​

Lisa is interviewed and recorded by Priya Mahtani from the School of Sophia in May 2020.
The theme is: Inner Development within the context of the COVID-19 lockdown and building resilience in children.

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Year-long Course

Inner Development for World Development

Launched in May 2020, this EduCareDo experiential course outlines the various ways of working with inner development, along with various indications towards engaging with certain exercises and meditations over the twelve months of the course. Participants can begin any time and work at their own pace. Every month you will receive a new lesson including content towards understanding the inner development path and how to utilise the various methods of self-assessment to gauge for yourself where you are in this work and what you may need. There will be practical exercises suggested each month, so you can have direct experience as well as the opportunity to reflect on how the content resounds for you. This will help to deepen your individual insight into the inner schooling with which it would be most useful for you to engage. It will help you to orientate towards putting the time, energy, and attention you have in the most fruitful direction.

We can do nothing more helpful for the world's further evolution than to evolve ourselves. This is something that, in fact, we must do. And we have no doubt whatsoever that we must, the moment we perceive the truth about our own nature, and its relationship with the wider world.

Rudolf Steiner - Soul Exercises: Word and Symbol Meditations. SteinerBooks, 2014

by Lisa Romero

Human evolution has changed the exterior world we live in, but since the industrial revolution the exterior world has had an enormous impact on the inner world of those under the influence of industrialization. We now have an industrialized interiority that has new ways of thinking, feeling, and acting toward ourselves and others. This new inner life is impacting the health and wellbeing of so many individuals that new ways of self-development are being explored.

To recognize the impact of our industrialised interiority is to begin to understand the ways in which people are trying to move forward toward healing. Before embarking on the use of “plant medicine” to bring about inner change, we need to know what in us is seeking to be healed.

A Bridge to Spirit is a way of understanding where we are in our inner world and the various pathways being utilised to progress toward an enriched inner life that is not caged, rule, and blunted by the internalized effects of our outer existence. It speaks of the new bridge to the spiritual life needed to heal the disconnect created by a spirit-devoid external life that is in turn changing our interiority.

“The heart is the internal bridge in the human body. It is the bridge in our relationships from one human being to another. And it is also our eternal bridge between the spirit and the world. Our individual human heart is the mystery centre through which we participate in the collective progress of humanity. Strengthening the heart’s activity on all levels supports the bridge in body, soul and spirit. In turn, it supports the healing of the un-bridged experiences induced by substance use. The strengthening of the heart restores balance and harmony and supports the circulation of the life-giving gifts of the heart.”

Lisa Romero
Lisa Romero, Inner Work Books 2019

Lisa Romero

LISA ROMERO is an author of inner development books, a complementary health practitioner and an adult educator who has been offering healthcare and education enriched with anthroposophy since 1993. From 2006 the primary focus of her work has been on teaching inner development and anthroposophical meditation.

Lisa’s capacity to deliver esoteric wisdom with insight and understanding allows her to meet the diverse needs of a range of communities and professions. Essentially, her work springs from the inner work, meditation and exercises, together with a dedication to the path of unfolding consciousness. Click here to read more about Lisa.

In this podcast Lisa speaks of how she came to anthroposophy and how the work lives in the world with her colleagues at Inner Work Path, Developing the Self Developing the World and EduCareDo. This interview was recorded for the 2018 Bio-dynamic conference of North America.