“I will make my way to the spirit come hell or high water”

November 2022

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Preparing for Michaelmas

A set of three Inner Work Path online gatherings hosted by EduCareDo in September 2022.

The results of inner development are greater forces for the soul’s task of awakening to the fullness of the power of love. What is more human than love? What is more divine than love? The soul’s mission towards unfolding the fullness of love is affected more and more through the advancing materialism. Events such as COVID – its effects and its treatment, mean we have been encountering a new level of materialism which the soul recognises as a continual challenge. Counteracting these forces requires building a stronger relationship with our spiritual support. Michael gives us all the necessary capacities to not only withstand what is being diverted in humanity, but to triumph with greater transformation towards a truer life. More than ever inner development is a necessity and consciously understanding our individual and collective development advances the path and awakens us to the great challenge that lies before us.

“May Michael’s protecting blessing ray
Fill my growing soul
That it may lay hold
Of strengthening forces everywhere.
My soul shall pledge
To awaken to full life in itself
The power of love,
And thus see Michael’s strength
On its life path,
And act in accordance with Michael,
With everything that it has.”

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