A set of 3 recordings of online gatherings held in March 2024 and available until the end of May.

The Easter initiation provides us with the power of transformation. As part of the inner development path and our work in the world we are called to deepen and grow our understanding of love as well as transform that which has been diverted or corrupted from love.

What do we do that brings about love in the world? What do we do that advances the diversions of love?

The more we understand true love, the more we recognise that which is diverting us from love. We must not only see the clever diversions but also understand how to transform the diversions in our own lives and the world around us.

The Easter Mysteries awakens in us the power of transformation. Please join us for this deep work that will strengthen us.

One registration $60 AUD (~40USD)
One registration + help us sponsor others $90 AUD (~60USD)
One discounted registration $30 AUD (~20USD)

Please contact us should you require further assistance to register.

Email: innerworkpath@gmail.com or study@educaredo.org

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