Anthroposophic Society in Australia NSW Branch newsletter October 2018  

“There is always a post-conference glow, of course, but Lisa Romero really fired on all cylinders through the weekend and I think she truly got through to many people there. Her message was inner work, inner work, inner work, practicality and the need to truly acknowledge and strive towards the spiritual world. I thought she was amazing and she basically worked non-stop all weekend. She asks for nothing for herself and just emanates love and a spirit of service to other human beings.”  Read the full article by clicking here.

Journal for Waldorf/Rudolf Steiner Education 16.2 November 2014 November 6

“As an example, Lisa came to our school to help guide our work with the College Imagination. The depth of understanding she brought us has helped to anchor the spiritual work of our staff as a collegial body -there is a more palpable core of inner work at the heart of what we do. Of course, it’s a long road and there’s so much still to be done, but at least – through placing the inner work at the core of our professional development – we have the sense of being on the right track!”

Diane Tatum – Eurythmy Teacher

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“I wanted to let you know that I have so enjoyed discovering your book, Sex Education and the Spirit, to guide me on my own journey guiding my class of pre adolescences (11 yr olds). We are using it for professional development discussions in our college and even though we have only so far explored the first chapter together, the conversations around gender I feel have been very beneficial."
Shirley Bacica
Teacher Tauranga Waldorf School, New Zealand
“Lisa Romero offers a supported inner development path based on the work of Rudolf Steiner. The retreats give time for sustained meditative focus, a healing artistic rhythm and contemplation of truths of the spirit. It is clear that Lisa has done the decades of inner preparation to lead such retreats with integrity. The whole retreat is sensitively organised as a healing experience for participants and a source of rejuvenation in our busy lives. The retreats can offer an important support for a teacher’s vocational tasks which require a steadfast inner bearing and connection to inspirations for the creative work ahead."
Peggy Day
Teacher Educator, lead writer Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework
“Every detail of the retreats seems aimed at creating a space where one can enter deeply into the vast and transformative content that Lisa and her colleagues are bringing. Everything is taken care of with a quiet grace and beauty and you are left free to participate in the community of inwardly striving, questioning, practicing friends that develops over the course of the retreat. The rhythm of the day is beautifully balanced and it leaves you with an inner experience of what it feels like to live through a deeply nourishing and digestible day, which is what we would ideally be bringing to the children we teach, and for which there are so few models in our super fast and consumptive world. Most importantly, one becomes part of group of individuals helping each other to grow and develop in a mood of reverence, warmth, love and striving attunement to the spiritual world. I’d encourage anyone to whom Lisa’s work speaks to most definitely experience it in the context of a retreat if they really want a chance to take hold of the pictures and practices she brings and make them part of their lives, whilst also benefiting from the connections that develop by being with others involved in the same work.”
Katrina Stowe

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