These study groups are held by people who been working with Inner Work Path for a number of years and who support on courses. If you have participated in a course and/or would like to join a study group please contact us to be put in touch with the study group co-ordinator. New members are always welcome.

There are also groups around the world who study Inner Work Path books independently. If the below study groups are not in your area please contact us and we be able to refer you to groups that we know.


Byron Shire (Myocum)
2020 dates: Feb 20, Mar 19, Apr 23, May 21, June 18, Jul 23
The Six Subsidiary Exercises were given by Steiner as the primary way of working with overcoming the outer hindrances which prevent us from rightly perceiving ourselves and others, and assist in building healthy capacities that support our inner development on the journey of developing consciousness. Alongside working with the exercises we’ll also look at the book The Inner Work Path – A Foundation for Meditative Practice in the Light of Anthroposophy. This group will meet on the third Thursday of each month in Myocum at 7pm and work with a new exercise each month for 6 months.

First Saturday of the Month (March 7, April 4, May 2, June 6, July 4, August 1, September 5, October 3, November 7) 11am – 12:30pm
Studying the publication Bridge to the Spirit Understanding Conscious Self – Development and Consciousness – Altering Substances. 

Studying the publication Spirit-led Community; healing the impact of technology. The group works with exercises from the book and enjoy lively discussion around the content.

Nimbin (Rainbow Ridge Steiner School, Lillian Rock)
Studying the Six Subsidiary Exercises and the publication Spirit-led Community; healing the impact of technology.

Sydney (Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School, Castlecrag)
Studying the six subsidiary exercises as brought by Rudolf Steiner complemented with the Lisa Romero’s publication Inner Work Path; a foundation of mediative practice in the light of anthroposophy. New members welcome.


Orana Steiner School, Weston
7 – 8:30pm on the second Monday of the month  (February 10; March 9; April 13; May 11; June 8; July 13)
The group will be working with the Six Subsidiary exercises, introducing one each month alongside continuing to study the publication The Inner Work Path : A Foundation For Meditative Practise In The Light Of Anthroposophydiscussing and practising the verses and exercises given.  Each Meeting holds the intention to take exercises into daily life with further reading and practising during the month. 


Willunga Waldorf School 2020
2:30 -4pm on the fourth Saturday of the month 2020 commencing February 22 2020)
The group will read and study the publication Bridge to the Spirit : Understanding Conscious Self – Development and Consciousness – Altering Substances that looks at what is behind addiction and what is needed to overcome its grasp. 

Adelaide City 2020
Expressions of interest are being taken now for a study group in Adelaide city.


An Inner Work Path study group will not be held in Darwin throughout 2020. Please phone Milkwood Steiner School on 08 8947 0608 to find out about other study groups


Once per month
Studying the publication, Developing the Self, Through the Inner Work Path in the Light of Anthroposophy. Together we will look at how the pictures and exercises presented in the book can guide us on the inner path to enhance a spiritual life; to develop the capacities that enable us to consciously transform so as to participate in the progress of human evolution. To enquire about study groups in the USA please email 

Once per month
Studying Inner Work Path, In the Light of Anthroposophy. Anyone is welcome to join this study group and contact to find out times, dates and more about the study group.