The Esoteric Path Forward

Conner Habib speaks with Lisa Romero about the esoteric answer to the question of our time: What is to be done?

Recorded November 14 2023


13.45mins – 21.35mins: Caution for the Human “I” capacity in AI.

24.45 – 30.30mins: Wisdom streams united by Love.

33.17 – 37.35 mins: Reading the occult script.

42.30 – 46.00 mins: How to help one another reach the mystery centre of the heart.

47.45 – 50.00 mins: What is freedom? What is not freedom?

53.18 – 56.35 mins: Blood-bond Love and “I” Love. 

59.25 – 61.25 mins: What are the gifts of the “I”? The inter-relationship of the divine and limited self for growth.

66.13 – 69.00 mins: How can we ask for peace in the world when there is no peace inwardly in ourself? What used to occur outwardly now needs to be cultivated inwardly. 

73.20 – 75.35 mins: Fear, agitation, nervousness……The diversions hold sway.

78.00 – 78.55 mins: Why work on our own astral body?

80.00 – 82.00 mins: Freedom…Wisdom…Love

88.15 – 91.45 mins: Love has to be a living action to make an impact in the world. How do we do things with potency to make a difference in the world around us?

93.10  – 95.00 mins: The spiritual day and year.

99.00 – 104mins: My deeds are conversations with the divine.

105.35 – 108.00 mins: A verse for morning and evening as we partake in the School of Love. 

110.6 mins: Our potential

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