Can my own development change the world?

Can My Own Development Change the World? Connor Habib interviews Lisa in March 2024, using events in his own life to discover how turning points in our lives and relationships […]

The Esoteric Path Forward

The Esoteric Path Forward Conner Habib speaks with Lisa Romero about the esoteric answer to the question of our time: What is to be done? Recorded November 14 2023 Timestamps 13.45mins […]

Preparing for Saint John’s

Preparing for Saint John's

Sydney June 4, 11, 18 (7:30am) New York June 3, 10, 17 (5:30pm) London June 3, 10, 17 (10:30pm) Check the time in your region Registration is $60AUD however due […]

Passing of Arthur

March 3-performance of the Passing of Arthur with Séamus Maynard March 4-Morning lecture with Lisa Romero (via zoom) afternoon artistic integration with Séamus Maynard (in person)

How to Live Beyond Series

Conner Habib interviews Lisa Romero on his podcast Against Everyone With Conner Habib (AEWCH) Lisa Romero and Conner Habib speak about moving past entheogens and magic without condemning them + […]

Duncan Trussell Family Hour

Lisa is interviewed by Duncan Trussell to speak about crossing the threshold into the astral realms. Listen on Duncan’s website Find out more about the three-part live online course Navigating […]


Lisa is interviewed by Conner Habib in conversation with Duncan Trussell, October 2022. The converse about crossing the threshold out of the effort of one’s consciousness and crossing the threshold by […]

Spirit-led Community: Past, Present and Future

An EduCareDo free community talk with Lisa Romero in November 2021 In times of crisis, change or unrest, human beings throughout the ages have sought refuge in their spiritual life. […]

Book Review: Living Inner Development

An extract from the journal of the Anthroposophical Society in America  Being Human, 2018 book review by Daniel Mackenzie Living Inner Development Living Inner Development : The Necessity of True […]

Inner Work, Outer Strength​

Lisa is interviewed and recorded by Priya Mahtani from the School of Sophia in May 2020.
The theme is: Inner Development within the context of the COVID-19 lockdown and building resilience in children.

Anthroposophy in Modern Life

Daniel Mackenzie engages Lisa in questions about contemporary spirituality, meditation, sex, gender, love and the pitfalls of using drugs in pursuit of spiritual growth. A compelling peek into Anthroposophy for those who are new to the term and some expansive views for those who are familiar.

Connecting with the Dead

A webinar recorded by the Anthroposophic Society in America as part of the Sacred Gateway Webinar Series “Death and Meaning”

About Lisa Romero and the Work

Lisa speaks with Matt Burns on how she came to anthroposophy and how the work lives in the world with her colleagues at Inner Work Path, Developing the Self Developing the World and EduCareDo. It includes an introduction to each of the books. This interview was recorded for the 2018 Bio-dynamic conference of North America.

Inner Work Path

Lisa Romero interviewed on the Heart of Wellness Show – Driftless Community Radio, Viroqua USA October 2018.

Strength through Meditation

Laura Scappaticci interviews Lisa Romero to explore the necessity of inner work. Recorded by the Anthroposopher, The Anthroposophic Society of America (ASA)

Inner Revolution

An interview with Sarah Hearn published in LILIPOH ISSUE #88 – SUMMER 2017. How can the wisdom of anthroposophy help us understand our current political climate?

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