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Strengthening the “I”

Elderberries Cafe 7564 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles

These talks are sponsored by the Y Project. A part of the social initiative, Developing the Self Developing the World., supporting young adults with their work and life questions.

Steiner Class Teacher Curriculum Intensive Week

Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School Middle Cove Campus 5a Glenroy Avenue, Middle Cove

Lisa Romero again joins the Steiner Class Teacher Curriculum Intensives at Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School in Sydney. This year Lisa will give a lecture on Thursday morning from 9am: The Teacher’s Path of Inner Development in Teaching and on Friday morning from 9am: How can we relate to the Idea of a Spiritual World? Both lectures […]


Kamaroi Rudolf Steiner School 220 Forest Way, Belrose

In house staff professional development

Parent Education

Kamaroi Rudolf Steiner School 220 Forest Way, Belrose

please contact the school for more information

Connecting With The Dead

Anthroposophy NYC 138 W 15th St, New York

This webinar is hosted by the Anthroposophical Society in America and is part of the Sacred Gateway Webinar series "Death and Meaning" in preparation for the "Sacred Gateway Conference: Conscious Dying, and the Journey Beyond to be held in April at Ghent NY.

East Meets West – a modern path of initiation

Urban First Aid 7510 w Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles

This is a Y Project event supporting Elderberries and their 'Urban First Aid'. All proceeds go to Elderberries. The Y Project is a project of Developing the Self Developing the World accessible to young adults 16-26 years old. It provides mentors, health services, artistic programs and events that are fully or partially funded by Developing […]

Drugs, Technology and Evolving Consciousness – Fred Talk

Santa Monica California

We are in the midst of a psychedelic renaissance of sorts, with the widespread sacramental use of Ayuhuasca, Psilocybin and Peyote, medical applications of TCH and CBD and experiments with micro-dosing LSD. Lisa will shed light on how these substances affect the subtle bodies of the human being, and will also explore how we can […]

Working Wholistically with Gender and Sexuality – Webinar

Webinar in Pacfic Time (US & Canada) CA

A webinar with Lisa Romero sponsored by the Association of Waldorf Schools in North America and the Anthroposophical Society in America. A healthy relationship to gender and sexuality supports our wellbeing, both as individuals and as a community. The form in which we bring gender and sex education to children and adolescents needs to serve them […]

The Sacred Gateway: Conscious Living, Conscious Dying, and the Journey Beyond

 Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School Ghent

Creating Death-Caring Communities.” Through interactive workshops, triad sharing, keynote discussions with Rev. Julia Polter, Lisa Romero, Linda Bergh, and Marianne and Dennis Dietzel, as well as experiential and artistic activities, we will explore the spiritual and practical aspects of human life and death.

Health and Sexuality in Waldorf Education

Rudolf Steiner School, New York, NY 15 East 78th Street, New York

Parent Education in the Upper School Assembly Room. Click here to read more about this work across the US and Australia. Please contact the school for updates on times and venue.

A Bridge to Spirit: Understanding Self-development, Consciousness-altering substances, and Their Effects

Anthroposophy NYC 138 W 15th St, New York

By understanding the steps and stages cultivated through interior development, and the corresponding keys that allow us to access doorways leading to other realms of consciousness, we may begin to explore the correlation of meditative experiences with the realms of consciousness that they serve to awaken within, and the given effects of various consciousness-altering substances […]

Students at Camphill Copake

Camphill Village Copake Copake

These workshops are not open to the public, they are specifically for students of Camphill Academy.

The Hierarchies Connection to Mantra

Camphill Village Copake Copake

Lecture for Members of the School of Spiritual Science Open to members of the School of Spiritual Science. For more information email: 

Teacher Training

Edinburgh Rudolf Steiner School 60 Spylaw Rd, Edinburgh

More information to be advised. To enquire please email

Health and Healing in Community and Relationships

Edinburgh Rudolf Steiner School 60 Spylaw Rd, Edinburgh

Open to all staff, parents and the wider community For all bookings and enquiries please email

Towards Health and Healing; Developing the Self

Hoyland House Camphill Community Tipereth 37 - 39 Torphin Rd, Edinburgh

Open to anyone. Also see the workshop on Friday night and Saturday. For all bookings and enquiries please email  

Healing Education – from Childhood to Adulthood

Hebden Bridge Rudolf Steiner Centre Machpelah Mill, Station Road, Hebden Bridge

A lecture for parents, teachers and the broader community. A workshop will follow on Saturday and Sunday. To enquire or book please email

Spirit-led Community; healing the impact of technology, substance use and unhealthy social forms

Hebden Bridge Rudolf Steiner Centre Machpelah Mill, Station Road, Hebden Bridge

An open community workshop for parents, teachers and the broader community. This workshop will complement the book Spirit-led Community published in 2018. Click here to read more about the books Lisa Romero has penned. Please see the other events at Hebden Bridge on September 6 & 8. To book or enquire please email

Addiction, Technology and Evolving Consciousness

Emerson College Hartfield Road, Forest Row

In this talk, Lisa Romero will speak about the impact that both process and substance addiction has on the development of the individual. She will approach the effects that technology has on the sensory development of children and adults and the effects of consciousness altering substance on inner development. Through several of her books Lisa […]

Understanding the Initiation of the ‘I’

Emerson College Hartfield Road, Forest Row

A three day course with Lisa Romero and Séamus Maynard that will take place at Emerson College in Forest Row, UK. How can I awaken the inner forces to meet what life is asking of me? How can inner development affect world development?  Many of the challenges we experience as humanity today give rise to reflection about […]

Living Consciously with the Spiritual Year; An esoteric understanding of the Michaelmas Festival

Pleasant Ridge Waldorf School 431 E. Court Street, Viroqua

Outer festivals are celebrated collectively and yet they are also representations of an individual's initiation path. The mystery schools of the past presented outer festivals to present the community with the esoteric wisdom clothed in outer forms. Today this wisdom is not engaged with consciously by the chosen few but is now for the many. […]

South East Biodynamic Conference – Tennessee

Red Boiling Springs TN

A high-quality educational event with the atmosphere of a seasonal celebration. Please join us for the annual reunion of the region's sustainable growers, biodynamic enthusiasts, permaculture practitioners, homesteaders, and friends in general. Lisa Romero will be a presenter at this conference Click here to book

The 12-fold Sensory System

National University of Natural Medicine 049 SW Porter St, Portland

A talk by Lisa Romero to the Anthroposophic Medicine Club at the National University of Natural Medicine (private event).

Social Understanding of Gender & Sexuality from Birth to Puberty & Beyond

Davis Waldorf School 3100 Sycamore Ln, Davis

Lisa will discuss how the ideas and expectations (gender or otherwise) that are put on children can undermine healthy growth and development of their unique human spirit.  Venue: Davis Waldorf School Multi-Purpose Room Click here to open the flyer for download

Parent Talk

Summerfield Waldorf School 655 Willowside Rd, Santa Rosa

To be notified when more detail is available please contact the school or email

Developing the Self; meditations and exercises for our inner and outer growth

Credo High School 1300 Valley House Dr #100, Rohnert Park

What leads our lives? Is it our desires, our intellect – or the most aware part of us? Each of us already has certain capacities but we need to develop them in order to be able to make use of them. Developing ourselves affects not only our own lives and the decisions we make but […]

Social Understanding, Gender and Sex – School Wellbeing Program

Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School LOT5 Balraith Lane, Ewingsdale

Working Wholistically with Social Understanding, Gender and Sex is a social program that gradually unfolds for students as they move from Class 5 to 12. It encourages equality and self confidence by building recognition and acceptance of inner individuality that develops alongside changes in the physical body and the recognition of social conditioning verses the […]

The Everyday Self and the Higher ‘I’ in Todays World

Anthroposophic Book Centre 96 Halifax St, Adelaide

All welcome Understanding ourself and other’s relationship to sexuality, addiction and technology in our age and how as an individual and a community we can help the progressive force prevail. $10 at the door ($5 concession) Hosted by the Anthroposophic Society in Australia SA Branch Click to open the flier SA Anthroposophic Society Nov 3 […]